tile ceramic adhesive A1201
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tile ceramic adhesive A1201

Product Description: Normal hardening cement-based is ceramic tile adhesive with high stability.

Uses: Floor and wall ceramic; concrete, mortar, grout and the wall surface are used to cover the horizontal and vertical. 

Application Instructions:

Preparation: Application of surface roughness to be made, water absorption, stability is checked beforehand. If the high-water absorbency of the surface water absorption of the surface is removed using aragonite waterproofing additives. Previously made repairs to be done on the surface of the ground space and repairs. The surface coating of dust, dirt, debris is cleaned from factors such as oil.

Mixing and Application: 6 - 7 liters. the mixture is poured into fresh water on the adhesive container and slowly added to the stirred until a homogeneous consistency. Low speed mixer is used to mix. Homogeneous mixing prevents the formation of a high speed. Wait 5 minutes after the maturation time is ready for use again stirred slurry. Measure the surface of the ceramic tile mortar applying carding combs made. In heavy coating and exterior applications, the fees shall be affixed on the back portion of the coating material by applying a thin layer. Coating materials are glued onto the combed mortar using a rubber mallet.

Application tools should be washed with water after application. On the application process can not be expired material and the surface must be cleaned. Hardened and used material in the vessel has completed the outlet.

  • Mixing ratio: 25 kg product an average of 6 - 7 liters. admixed with water.
  • Consumption: average for 1 m2 4 - 4,5 kg. (8x8 mm comb size)
  • Color: Grey, White
  • Pot Life: 2 hours
  • Packaging: 25 kg. (3 times in kraft bags, as Stretching)
  • Shelf life: dry and moisture environment as the production date is 1 year.
  • Storage: Store in dry and humid conditions with unopened package stored stacked on top of more than 8.
  • Ripening time: 5 minutes
  • Potlife: Depending on the ambient conditions can be used after mixing for 2 hours.
  • Open Time: You must be within 20 minutes of adhesion of coating materials. Extreme temperatures, this time will be shorter depending on factors such as heavy wind and low humidity.


Warnings and precautions:

  • Application temperature + 5 ° C / + 35 ° C should be the limit.
  • The application surface of dust, dirt, spills should be cleaned of factors such as oil.
  • Material must be mixed with a maximum of 120 speed mixer assistance.
  • The mixture should be consumed within 2 hours.
  • any contribution material outside material into the water (lime, sand, cement) should never be placed.
  • the application and the application surface after application of external factors (wind, sun, moisture) must be protected.
  • Caulking should be made at least 24 hours after the bonding process; the surface should not be exceeded during this period and must be protected from water.
  • Application during protective equipment (clothing, gloves) should be used.
  • Hand, eye and body contact should be avoided, wash immediately with plenty of water in contact with eyes, seek medical attention if necessary.