Pool Ceramic adhesive A1040
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Pool Ceramic adhesive A1040


It is especially produced for surfaces within water and has high resistant to non-pressurized water.  It is adhesive that does not accept water to its structure through including chemical materials. It is separated from its similarities in terms of water insulation


It is used to cladding of ground and wall ceramics on concrete, plaster, screed and wall surfaces horizontally and vertically. It is used to bond for pool ceramics in inside and outside places. It is suitable to use on wet place such as pools, water containers, baths and bathrooms. It has high adhesion stability. It does not slip and easy to use.

Mixing ratio:

25 kg product is mixed with average of 6,5- 7,5 liters water.

Consumption: 4 - 4,5 kg per 1 m² (with 8x8 mm notch trowel)


Gray and White   

Pot Life: 

2 hours


25 kg. ( 64 pieces in stretch pallets as Kraft bags)

Ripening Time:

5 minutes

Open Waiting T me: The coating materials must be adhered within 20 minutes. This time is shortened due to factors such as excessive temperature, intense wind and low humidity.

Shelf Life:

Average life expectancy is 1 year beginning from production date with moisture less and dry conditions.


It can be stacked up successively to 8 fold in dry and moisture less conditions with unopened package.

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