joint (grouting) filler A2010
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joint (grouting) filler A2010

DESCRIPTION: It is a special cement-based, modified polymer blended non-pressurized water-resistant, polymer-additive grouting material that does not keep bacteria and has been modified to possess wide application options. It enables easy and fast application possibilities.

FIELDS OF USAGE: It is used as vertical and horizontal to fill of the grouting gaps of coating materials in interior and exterior spaces such as ceramics, tiles, marble, granite, natural rock, etc.

Mixing Ratio: It is mixed with 5,5-6,5 lt. water for 20 kg. package

Consumption: 500-750 gr. for 1 m2 (It may vary according to coating material size and joint gap size.)

Color: White and Colored 

Ripening Time: 5 minutes

Pot Life:  2 hours  (This time is shortened due to factors such as extreme temperature, intense wind and low humidity.)

Crusting Time: 45 minutes    
Early Resistance Time: 48 hours  
Final Resistance Time: 28 days.

20 kg. (64 pieces in Kraft bags as stretched pallets)
10 kg. (Kraft bags as stretched)
5 kg.  (In Kraft bags as 4 pieces boxes)

Shelf Life: Average life expectancy is 1 year beginning from production date with moistureless and dry conditions.

Storage: It can be stacked up successively to 10 fold in dry and moistureless condition with unopened package.