JET SETTING Repair A7001
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JET SETTING Repair A7001

DESCRIPTION: It is a high-strength; cement-based repair and building up mortar that sets quickly and creates a non-porous structure that is used in repair and assembly operations.

FIELDS OF USAGE: It is used in the repair of interior and exterior facades made from concrete, the early repair of concrete floors exposed to vehicle and foot traffic, in the immobilization of machine movements and in the repair of storm drain covers.

PERFORMANCE: TS EN 1504 – 3, EN 1504 – 3

Rates of Mixture:  25 kg product is mixed with averagely 3,5  -  4,0 litres water

Consumption : : Averagely between 4,5 -  5,0 kg. for 1 m2

Color: Grey

Pot Life:  2 hours

Packing: 25 kg. (In Kraft bags, as 64 pieces streched pallets)

Shelf Life: Average life expectancy is 12 months beginning from production date with moistureless and dry conditions.

Storage: It can be stacked up successively to 8 fold in dry and moistureless condition with unopened package.