forsah for real estate investment


It is specially developed cladding plaster for inner and outer facades that is modified polymer blended and high durable, long lived, and also covering application flaws and providing decorative appearance. It can be painted with all kind of paint except synthetic and solvent based paints.


FIELDS OF USAGE: It is used as a coating plaster on thin, screed and mantling plaster on similar building elements.  It has high adhesion stability. It doesn't slip and easy to use.


PERFORMANCE: TS  7847 EN 998-1


Rates of Mixture:  25 kg product is mixed with averagely 6-7 litres water.


Ripening Time: 5 minutes


Consumption: Averagely between 3,5 and 4,5 kg. per 1 m2


Application Thickness: 4 – 8 mm.


Colar: Grey and White    


Pot Life:  2 hours (It may vary according to ambient conditions)


Packing: 25 kg. (In Kraft bags, as 64 pieces streched


Shelf Life: Average life expectancy is 1 year beginning from production date with moistureless and dry conditions.

Storage: It can be stacked up successively to 8 fold in dry and moistureless condition with unopened package.