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DESCRIPTION: Aragonit Betoguard has a low particle size, an acrylic copolymer forming the transparent film surface layer. It has high adhesion and penetration properties due to the low viscosity. It has strong adhesion feature and prevents dust on the surface.It protects against external factors and corrosion by providing strength to the surface. Aragonit Betoguard reduces paint consumption and absorbency on surfaces and does not generate pellicle on surface.

FIELDS OF USAGE: It is used to protect against corrosion and external factors for concrete, plaster and surface absorbency, such as wood, plaster, levelling compound, the protection of minerals and granular textured plasters and reduce porosity in similar surfaces, surfaces to prevent dust, increasing the strength of the surface.
Consumption: Averagely between 0,10 and 0,18 lt./m2
** The absorbency status of the surface should be checked by water testing.(If water drips to the surface and water is absorbed by the surface within 1 minute, it is understood that the surface is absorbent and two layers of application should be made to the surface.) Consumption amounts may vary according to the absorption situation of the surface.

Ph Value : 7,5 – 8,5 

Packing: 1 - 5 - 10 – 15 kg. plastic buckets 

Shelf Life: It is 8 months as of production date in damp and dry environment. It should not be left in direct sunlight.

Storage : Liquid products can be stored in a dry and damp environment with unopened packaging up to 5 pieces in a row.